The National Golf Resort is the first golf resort in Western Lithuania located only 4 km from the city of Klaipeda and 15 km from the seaside town Palanga.

The Championship 18-hole par 72 course, designed by the renowned architect David Krause, is situated in the picturesque valley of the Danė River and conforms to world standards.  A driving range and a 3-hole executive course offer excellent practice facilities. Golfers will be delighted with the variety of landscapes and the Danė River which flows through the course amongst many wetlands. The 18th green,  the signature hole of the National Golf Resort, is shaped in the form of Lithuania. One of the beautiful features of the course is the wide variety of wild life, eagles, swans, storks, foxes, lyncs and many others. The location of the clubhouse, on top of a hill behind the 9th and 18th greens, offers the players fantastic views  whilst enjoying their time after the round or just to enjoy a casual lunch or drinks.

Golf Course Plan

Join The National Golf Resort! Acquire a share!

National Golf Resort offers individual, family and corporate shares. Owners of the shares will be offered impressive discounts for club membership and services provided!

Club membership!

Club membership is only available for shareholders.
It offers priority tee times various discounts and invitations and obviously free unlimited golf.

Yearly local player 

Free unlimited golf and other privileges are offered to yearly local players, this is valued for one year and can be renewed on a yearly basis.

How to join:

  • If you want to join the National Golf Resort club, please contact us by calling +370 655 22222 or e-mail:
  • Upon approval of the membership an agreement and club rules will be signed.
  • Yearly fees will be paid.

All applicants must have minimum HCP 54 if not they are  invited to attend the golf academy, where after completing the Green card course a HCP 54 certificate will be issued.


1 Green-fee Free of charge Free of charge
2 Short course + driving range Free of charge Free of charge
3 Golf inventory (set) storage (for season) 50 € 120 €
4 Golf inventory with electric trolley storage (for season) 100 € 175 €
5 Conference facilities rent 10 % discount 5 % discount
6 Accommodation 20 % discount 10 % discount
7 VIP room services Free of charge Free of charge
8 Pro shop purchases* 5 % discount
9 Club car rent per 18 holes 20 € 30 €

* Discount is not applicable for inventory rental service, custom fit clubs, used golf balls and driving range balls.


Notice: Secondary membership owners are not subject to discounts for tournament fees at National Golf Resort.

1 Green-fee Free of charge
2 Short course + driving range Free of charge

Learn to play golf and get a “Green card”, which allows you to play golf at golf courses around the World! Regular Green card courses are held at the National Golf Resort. 

The program consists of theory and practice parts:


  • Golf equipment;
  • Golf course;
  • Golf etiquette;
  • Golf rules;
  • Golf game types and forms;
  • HCP.


  • Full swing practice;
  • Putting;
  • Chipping;
  • Pitching;
  • Bunker shots.

The National Golf Resort PRO will teach you all the basics of the game and will assist you with rules, etiquette and a long lasting history of the game! Achieving your green card is a simple process. When obtained, you can enjoy golf courses around the World, participate in different tournaments, or just have fun and enjoy this game!


Training generally takes part in groups of 4-8 people.

Price per person is 119 €.


  • Professional instruction;
  • Equipment;
  • Driving range balls during the course;
  • Green card certificate.

There are no special requirements for clothing while taking the course. It`s important to wear comfortable sporty clothes and flat shoes.

Registration for Green-card courses can be made by phone +370 655 22222 or via e-mail

Professional golf coach Martin Hoyer is always ready to help at the National Golf Resort.

For the convenience of golfers the coach leads individual and group golf lessons.


1. General provisions

1.1 National Golf Resort Club (hereinafter referred to as NGR) is located at a distance of 12 km from Klaipėda downtown in Stančiai village, Kretingalė administrative area, Klaipėda region. NGR resort includes: an 18 holes golf course, practice area with driving range, 3-hole short course courses, putting green, pitching and sand bunker green; club house with a restaurant, three rooms for guest accommodation, golf shop, conference hall and club members room. The guests can stay in the villa next to the club house offering 4 apartments. Future plans include constructions of a SPA hotel with a conference centre, restaurant and two more villas. UAB “National Golf Resort” (code 300577649, seat Žvejų g. 21, Klaipėda (hereinafter referred to as the Company) shall be the owner and administrator of the club.
1.2 The present NGR rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) determine behaviour standards of the NGR guests, members and other individuals, scope of the services rendered by NGR and other issues related with the services rendered. The above issues shall also be governed by the Membership Agreement, Rules of Golf Game approved by the Board’s resolution and Rules of Behaviour and Courtesy.
1.3 NGR Rules shall be approved and amended by the Company’s Board. Any offers on amendments, corrections or substitution of NGR Rules shall be submitted by NGR Club members also.
1.4 NGR Rules shall come into force since the moment of approval and publication in the club house notice board and web site
1.5 NGR Rules shall be applicable to all NGR Club members, guests, caddies and other persons receiving NGR services including NGR employees.
1.6 NGR shall also apply Rules of Golf Game and Courtesy of the European Golf Association approved by EGA to the extent these rules do not conflict with the present Rules.

2. Club management

2.1 All Club-related strategic issues shall be discussed by the Company’s Director and the management bodies. The Company’s Board shall discuss and approve the key issues related with the Club. The Director of the Club shall immediately direct the Club’s activities.

2.2 Management of the Company:

2.2.1 The general Shareholders Meeting, the Board and the Director shall be the management bodies of the Company. The bodies of the Company shall have the functions and competence prescribed by the Company’s Articles of Association. Issues on convening the Meetings, quorum and adoption of the resolutions shall be regulated by the Company’s Articles of Association and legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.
2.2.2 Besides, the management bodies of the Company shall resolve the issues related to the Club management and activities, as prescribed for below in this section.

2.3  The Board of the Company:

2.3.1 The Board of the Company shall adopt resolutions on the below issues related to the Club’s operation. The Board defines requirements for the individuals eligible for Club membership; The Board shall define the annual membership fee before November 31 each year; The Board shall define the “Green Fees”; The Board shall approve the present Rules, Courtesy Rules, Golf Game Rules as well as Membership Agreement form and other internal arrangements of the Club; The Board shall discuss other issues related with the present Rules and other internal arrangements of the Club within the Board’s competence.

2.4 The Club’s employees:

2.4.1 The staff consists of the administration, service and technical employees, who carry out the Club’s activities. The number of the Club’s staff submitted by the Director shall be approved by the Board.

3. Membership eligibility

3.1 The procedures related with the membership eligibility shall be supervised by the Director.
3.2 The Club membership is available to both natural and legal entities satisfying the requirements defined by the Board.
3.3 An individual applying for the Club membership is required to fill in the application of the established form and submit it to the administration of the Club.
3.4 Having placed the membership application, the individual shall:
3.4.1 Guarantee that the data available in the application are complete and correct;
3.4.2 Agree that his/her application shall be satisfied only if so decided by the Board;
3.4.3 Agree that the Club shall render services only after paying annual membership fee in the established order;
3.4.4 Approve that he/she has read and agrees with any and all rules valid in the Club including the present Rules, Golf game Rules and Courtesy Rules;
3.4.5 Obliges himself/herself to enter into a Membership Agreement, if his/her membership eligibility has been approved by the Board and pays the established annual membership fee;
3.5 The candidates for membership shall be registered in the order of priority of application submission and awarded with a candidate member’s status. The application submitted by the candidate shall be discussed by the Board. Not later than within 14 days since the moment of submission of the application, the Board shall adopt resolution on the individuals eligibility for the Club‘s membership.
3.6 If the application is satisfied, the individual must enter into the membership Agreement not later than within 14 days. One copy of the Membership Agreement must be submitted to the Director of the Club. The Membership Agreement shall be made in the form approved by the Board.
3.7 The membership is officially acquired by the individual after he/she pays the annual membership fee for the first year of membership. Having paid the membership fee, the individual shall be issued a membership card.

4.  Players and start of the game

4.1 NGR Club members (i.e. individuals who entered into the membership agreement), members‘guests and other persons visiting NGR golf course and having appropriate proof of necessary qualification are allowed to play golf in the NGR golf course.
4.2 Opening hours of the golf course shall be defined separately with reference to the length of the day. In any case, it is prohibited to start the game later than one and a half hour before nightfall.
4.3 All NGR Club members, guests and other persons are required to check in at the NGR reception desk before each game and enter the golf course only with a ticked attached to the golf bag.
4.4 Groups of maximum 4 persons are allowed to play golf, except for unscheduled circumstanced to be approved by the management of NGR.

5. Lessons and training sessions

5.1 Golf lessons are allowed only in the practice area of NGR, including putting green, chipping green, and 3-hole short course.
5.2 Golf lessons in 3-hole course are allowed only under the trainer’s supervision, if the person has not been issued a green golf card.
5.3 NGR trainers give the golf lessons. Trainer assisted lessons may be booked at the Club’s administration in advance.
5.4 The players are required to obey the rules applicable to the golf lessons, general game and courtesy rules of NGR Club as well as the trainer’s instructions.
5.5 NGR is free to terminate the golf lessons if weather conditions are unfavourable. The lessons may be terminated if it is necessary to collect the golf balls in the driving area.

6. Junior and children golf

6.1 Children: between 3 and 10 years old. Children are not allowed to enter the NGR golf course for their own safety reasons, except for the members of public institution “GOLFIS”. If so required by the parents and upon their written approval, the children may be given golf lessons.
6.2. Juniors: between 10 and 18 years old. Juniors are allowed to play golf only if supervised by their parents. Having submitted written consent of their parents and having paid the established “Green Fee”, the juniors are allowed to play golf in the NGR golf course as well as use other services rendered by NGR. Parents are required to inform the administration of NGR about every visit of the juniors by specifying personal information of the junior children.
6.3. Persons of 18 years and older are eligible for NGR Club membership after paying the established annual membership fee.

7. Situations during the game

7.1 NGR Club members, their guests and other individuals must treat each other and service staff with due respect.
7.2 NGR Club members, their guests and other individuals are expected to preserve the Club‘s belongings and the course.
7.3 The lawn damaged during the game must be restored, the areas damaged by the golf balls must be repaired and sand bunkers hit by the ball must be raked.
7.4 If the person/ group of the persons in front is too slow and obstructs the game of other players, the slower person/ group of the persons must give way for the players who are more rapid.
7.5 If the person makes 10 or more shots at the hole, the game around that hole is terminated and the result „10“ is filled in the card of scores.
7.6 If the player shots the ball outside the course, local NGR Club rules shall apply, unless otherwise provided for in special cases.
7.7 NGR may close the golf course if it is necessary to perform course administration / reparation tasks.

8. Unfavourable weather conditions

8.1 NGR may postpone, cancel or terminate golf competition or game, in case of unfavourable, health or life hazardous conditions appear and if so decided by the management. NGR Club members, guests and other individuals are required to follow the instructions given by the NGR staff in such situation.
8.2 If unfavourable weather conditions (storm, lightning) arise during the game, all NGR Club members, guests and other persons must terminate the game and take care of their own safety.
8.3 In unfavourable weather conditions, NGR Club members must take care of the safety of the guests and other persons.

9. Handicap (HCP)

9.1 Persons having the proof of the 54 HCP or lower level (federation card, green golf card) are allowed to enter the NGR course and play the game.
9.2 The persons without HCP are allowed to join the program of NGR Golf Academy, the completion whereof ensures eligibility for 54 HCP and green card.
9.3 The score cards must be signed by the player responsible for score registration and other player with lower HCP.
9.4 Tournaments shall be held on the basis of the most recent results.
9.5 NGR management shall be responsible for checkups of the results in the cards.
9.6 If the players fail to register scores, they may be fines as per the EGA Rules.

10. Golf cars

10.1 The golf cars are rented for moving throughout the golf course. Use of other vehicles is strictly prohibited.
10.2 Crossing the boundaries of the golf course by the golf cars is prohibited. The golf cars must be parked in the designated areas.
10.3 The golf car driver must obey the rules applicable for the course and the golf car. The driver is required to drive securely, prevent other people from injuries and drive the golf cars on the designated paths. Driving the golf car on the fairways is allowed in NGR course.
10.4 The golf car driver must be aware of the rules for use of the golf cars.
10.5 Maximum two players carrying two golf bags are allowed to use one golf car.
10.6 While using the golf cars, NGR Club members are responsible for their own and the guests’ safety.
10.7 In unfavourable weather conditions, especially in wet conditions, NGR management reserves the right to restrict use of the golf cars to protect the course and people from damages and injuries.
10.8 The person who caused any damage to the golf car or injury of the person is required to remunerate the damages.
10.9 NGR management is free to prohibit use of the golf cars if the person fails to obey the requirements specified in the present Rules or rules for use of golf cars or fails to follow the signs or drives the car insecurely.
10.10 To maintain necessary game speed when there are numerous players in the golf course, the management is free to decide on mandatory use of the golf cars. All the players are expected to follow the marshal’s instructions. The marshal may warn or disqualify the players. If the player is disqualified, the charges paid for the services shall not be reimbursed.

11. Charges

11.1 There is a requirement for the players to pay the established charges for the services at the reception desk prior to the game.
11.2 NGR Club members shall be exempt from the Green Fee.
11.3 The membership fee must be paid before the last day of February. Failure to comply of this rules, will be applicable a penalty fee – 100 Eur.

12. Clothing

12.1. NGR Club members, guests and other persons must wear special golf footwear.
12.2. In the NGR golf course, male players are required to wear short or long sleeve collar golf shirts, plus-fours or golf shorts not shorter than 10 cm above the knees.
12.3. In the NGR golf course, female players are required to wear short or long sleeve collar golf shirts, plus-fours or golf shorts or skirts not shorter than 10 cm above the knees.
12.4. In NGR course it is prohibited to wear jeans, basketball or track shorts, bathing suits, singlets, sleeveless tight shirts, open back shirts or shirts with vulgar inscriptions.
12.5. NGR Club members are required to guarantee that their guests and other persons wear apparel and footwear specified in the present rules. Visitors may purchase golf apparel and footwear (footwear is available for rent also) at the golf shop located in the club building.
12.6. NGR staff may deny admission to the training area or golf course for the persons whose apparel or footwear is not in compliance with the specifications set forth in the present Rules.
12.7. During the golf events (e.g. tournaments) the visitors are allowed to wear golf apparel in the NGR restaurant area. If any special dress code is required for the special events in the restaurant, such requirements must be specified in the invitations or notifications.

13. Further recommendations

13.1 Political agitation, distribution of commercial materials is prohibited in the Club building, hotel, golf course without prior consent of the NGR management.
13.2 NGR Club members, guests and other persons must leave their cars in the designated parking areas.
13.3 Dogs and other pets are not allowed to the NGR area.
13.4 Possession of the shot guns or other guns in NGR area is prohibited.
13.5 Beverage containers, cigarette-ends and other waste must be placed in litterbins located at the start area. Damaged wooden or plastic tees Used for the first shot must be discarded into the litterbags located at the tee area.

14. Responsibility

14.1. If the NGR Club member fails to follow the requirements set forth in the present rules, the NGR management, after two warnings, may adopt resolution to terminate or suspend the membership agreement without reimbursing the membership fee.
14.2. If the requirements set forth in the present Rules are not followed by the guests or other persons, the NGR management may prohibit these persons from using the services rendered by the resort.
14.3 For offensive behaviour of the guest, the Club member may be warned by the NGR management.
14.4 All the issues regarding the behaviour of the players and the visitors and non-compliance with the rules shall be considered by the marshal and the Director.

1 Green card course in a group 119 €
2 Indvidual lesson on request