Learn to play golf and get a “Green card”, which allows you to play golf at golf courses around the World! Regular Green card courses are held at the National Golf Resort.

The program consists of theory and practice parts:


  • Golf equipment;
  • Golf course;
  • Golf etiquette;
  • Golf rules;
  • Golf game types and forms;
  • HCP.


  • Full swing practice;
  • Putting;
  • Chipping;
  • Pitching;
  • Bunker shots.

The National Golf Resort PRO will teach you all the basics of the game and will teach you the rules, etiquette and a long- lasting history of the game! Achieving your green card is a simple process. When obtained, you can enjoy golf courses around the World, participate in different tournaments, or just have fun and enjoy this game!


Training generally takes part in groups of 4-8 people.

Price per person is 119 €.


  • Professional instruction;
  • Equipment;
  • Driving range balls during the course;
  • Green card Diploma.
  • There are no special requirements for clothing while taking the course. It`s important to wear comfortable sporty clothes and flat shoes.

Golf introduction

An Introduction to golf plus a MINI TOURNAMENT is a fabulous opportunity to enjoy the first steps towards playing golf with your company, motivate employees, maintain business relations with partners or customers or just invite some friends. Spend time in  a relaxed atmosphere, participants will be trained by a professional golf coach, and the fresh country air and stunning scenery will guarantee the success of the event. Participants will enjoy the pleasure of experiencing this unique game and have a lot of fun.

They will learn:

A basic swing and afterwards enjoy competing on the executive course after only short instruction – no barriers just fun!

For info please contact:  +370 65522222 or

Registration for Green card courses can be made by phone +370 655 22222 or via e-mail