The Philosophy

The Resort was constructed and officially opened in 2009. The philosophy was and still is to provide local citizens the opportunity to learn and play golf enjoying the club and its facilities and to also create a tourist attraction to bring golf tourists to the area hence supporting local employment needs. Mr. Arunas Kuraitis was the sole visionary and has continued to be the driving force behind the development and continual growth of the Resort. In 2014 James Arnold joined forces with Arunas Kuraitis firstly as a consultant and eventually as a shareholder / partner to bring his international experience to help further develop the Resort into an internationally acclaimed destination. It has continually grown and to date offers accommodation for up to 56 persons in 3 different room categories. The Resort has an on – site residential community and offers further attractions such as Padel Tennis, Footgolf and Fishing and future new attractions are planned. The luxurious facilities and the incredible location have made the Resort a popular destination for National and International tournaments and events. It is the aim to provide every guest with an experience they will always treasure and ensure they will return. The development and growth of golf within Lithuania and the Baltic states is a major factor in the planning and operating of the Resort and will remain so. The is a permanent partner and many Scandinavian and international golfers regularly return to enjoy the facilities.
The team at the Resort is dedicated to complete guest satisfaction and offers true Lithuanian hospitality.

Our Motto
Reward Yourself !

James Arnold & Arunas Kuraitis